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Highland Lavender Farm

We are a small family-run lavender farm located in Longmont

Colorado. While we still don't have much, it has taken us a long time to get where we are. We hope to open our farm to the public soon, hopefully in the Summer of 2025!


Want to Know When You Can Visit?

Do you want to be the first to know when you can come see us in person? When we are ready, we will host an event to mark our grand opening and we would love to invite you!

Please note that this does NOT subscribe you to our newsletter. This is to inform you about our opening EVENT ONLY.

Plans and Dreams

Agritourism - Bring your family and enjoy the relaxing scents and sights of our small quaint lavender farm

U-Pick - Come pick your very own lavender bundle. Find the perfect flowers that call out to you

Store - Come by and try our handmade bath and body products, which are all made on site, and explore the world of handcrafted lavender decorations and gifts.


Year By Year

Year Zero 2021: Was all about land prep and choosing our first varieties.

Year One 2022: Did not go as planned. We lost most of the plants we planted. We had a survival rate of about 10%

Year Two 2023: We tried new things, like mounds and weed barrier fabric. We still lost the majority of our plants, 40%-50% survival rate.

Year Three 2024: We covered our plants for the winter this year and used fertilizer. We had a survival rate of 80%. We had our first full harvest this year!

Click here to see our story through our camera rolls.

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